'... I enjoyed every page ...'

The following is a particularly gratifying review of Wingwatch, coming as it does from Paul Woodadge, a well-known Normandy battlefields tour guide. Here is what he wrote on the novel's amazon.co.uk page:
'I read very few fiction titles, and received this book as a present. Because I have a huge interest in the Normandy Invasion - indeed I make my living as a tour guide, I thought I would prefer the chapters of the book set in 1944 and initially that was the case. But, within a few pages it was the modern story that began to reel me in. I found myself intrigued by the whole sequence of events and coincidences and how the back story of the wristwatch came alive. I cannot fault the WWII detail in any way and I praise the easy to follow writing style of this first time novelist. I enjoyed every page and finished the book in just two sittings'.