Wingwatch is a Facebook page as well. Its name is the title of the original (Italian) version of the novel (L'Orologio Con Le Ali), but all posts are both in English and in Italian.

The following is a list of the websites I found most useful while performing the researches needed to write Wingwatch. (Normandy landings) (American Battle Monuments Commission) (Merville Battery Museum) (BBC archive: eye-witness accounts) (Commonwealth War Graves Commission) (Landings and Battle of Normandy) (French Education Ministry, French only) (Online archive of the fallen) (Historical reconstitution, French only) (British war cemeteries in France) (The first Italian Museum dedicated to D-Day, Italian only) (Imperial War Museum website) (History of Tottenham Hotspur) (Caen Memorial website) (British Airborne Museum in Normandy) (British Airborne Museum) (Airborne 1940-1945) (Life in Caen during the Battle of Normandy, French only) (History of football) (History of the Tottenham area of London) (Caen local government website, French only) (Online encyclopaedia)

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